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The Anti-Racism Community Fund commits to fighting for justice through action, community empowerment, and the dismantling of systems that perpetuate racism and keep our neighbors in poverty. That can only happen by educating community members on important issues, mobilizing residents to create community-level solutions, and supporting local leaders to create systemic change.

The Anti-Racism Community Fund will invest in:

1. Local leaders of color to build resource capacity and create environments where Triangle-area residents hold the power needed to create community-level change

2. Nonprofits with systemic approaches to dismantling racist structures in housing, food, health, workforce, or education

All funding decisions will be made by a committee of community leaders with proven experience with anti-racism work. See below for more information.

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Anti-Racism Community Fund

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The Anti-Racism Community Fund has two primary objectives:

  1. Build the capacities of local communities and grassroots organizations by investing in leaders of color
  2. Invest in anti-racism systemic change

Led by those objectives, the Fund will target:

  1. Local community leaders and organizers. Funds will support creating environments where residents hold the power within their communities, giving them the influence to acquire the resources and promote the systemic changes needed to improve their environment and conditions. Community power emerges when groups act strategically and collectively.
  1. Nonprofits with systemic approaches to dismantling racist structures in housing, food, health, workforce, or education. Funds will focus on building a sustainable infrastructure that enhances an organization’s ability to advance its anti-racism mission and goals. The Anti-Racism Community Fund support will focus on organizational functions including leadership development, governance, evaluation, technology, communications, or program delivery.

The Fund’s distributions will support projects that:

  • Educate community members on important issues
    • The more information people have, the more empowered they are to advocate on their own behalf and on the behalf of others suffering from racial injustice
  • Mobilize residents to take action and create community-level change
    • The community’s willingness to take action creates public attention and puts pressure on systems to be responsive to community need
  • Build, train, and coach local leaders to create systemic change
    • Leadership is a collective process. It’s not just about individuals holding certain positions in community organizations
    • Community organizing should create champions and identify new leaders who can continue to mobilize the community on future issues
  • Identify social justice leaders who need an immediate infusion of financial support
  • Build capacity for organizations with proven approaches to dismantling systemic racism in local communities
  • Support anti-racism training and education for the community
  • Support direct service programs with an intentional commitment to dismantling racism

United Way and Band Together are convening a committee of leaders, including United Way and Band Together board members, as well as those closest to this work with the intention of accessing their collective expertise to vet applications and funding priorities. The organizations are also enlisting an advisory board of community experts to make funding recommendations, ensuring that leaders and/or organizations don’t miss funding opportunities from lack of exposure.

The leaders involved in these decisions are: [LIST HERE, HYPERLINKED TO RESPECTIVE WEBSITES]

The ideal grantee can be:

  • An organization led by the people most directly affected by the issues the organization is working on
  • Actively participating as white partners in racial justice struggles (among organizations with primarily white constituencies)
  • Continually building leadership from within its own membership, base, or community
  • Working to understand and address the root causes of the issues, not just the symptoms
  • Bringing people together to build consensus and power
  • Using that power to create systemic change, which includes altering unjust power relations
  • Part of a larger movement for social change and actively working towards strengthening that movement
  • Explicit about advancing systemic equity for marginalized communities in goals, strategies, and operations

The Anti-Racism Community Fund grant application will be available in the near future. Check back here (or in the website menu) for the link to apply.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced so many organizations to make tough decisions and Band Together is no exception. [INSERT LANGUAGE HERE]

We’d love to talk further! Send us an email at and we’ll direct you to the right person.