To combat the scarce access to fresh and healthy foods in our community, the W.G. Pearson Center operates a community and teaching garden in its backyard that produces fresh produce for our community members. This garden, which consists of six medium-sized raised beds, was renovated and restored by the Rebuild Fellowship Church (a major tenant of the W. G. Pearson Center) and is maintained by Student U’s Middle School Cooking and Gardening Club and by the work of monthly volunteers. With the help of volunteers, our garden is able to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to families in our community.

Garden Workdays are scheduled on a monthly basis on Saturdays and typically run from 9:00-11:00AM. Workdays are facilitated by DPS Educator Frances Starn and Student U staff. Typical volunteer activities include planting seeds, weeding the garden beds, watering and mulching the garden area, and general area maintenance. You can sign up to volunteer with our Community Garden for one or more of the following Saturdays by filling out the signup form through the button below. A reminder email with relevant details will be emailed a week before the workday you sign up for.

If you have questions about our Garden, please contact Connor Kirkpatrick at

December 19 @ 09:00
09:00 — 11:00 (2h)

Durham County

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